CTE Cal, Inc. (CTE) is an engineering, quality control and materials testing firm with experience dating back 25 years. CTE was previously Construction Testing & Engineering, Inc. and the new company was formed to establish local ownership in Northern California. The purpose was to provide a local commitment and expand the resources to benefit client's projects in Northern California and Nevada. This approach has transformed CTE into a company built on engineering and supported by quality personnel. Our engineering resources and capabilities have grown significantly for established clients and contributed to attracting new clients. As a full-service engineering firm, we support projects from land acquisition throughout the project construction cycle. Having a full array of engineering, quality control management and materials testing services allows CTE to support numerous client segments including Federal, State, municipalities, commercial, schools, hospitals and residential developers. We welcome the opportunity to share our capabilities and experience.


CTE Engineering includes geotechnical, geological, environmental and civil engineering services. Superior design recommendations come from seasoned professionals. Professional staff include registered civil engineers, certified engineering geologist, registered geotechnical engineers and qualified environmental specialists. Services include environmental site assessments, geotechnical investigations, geological engineering, civil engineering and forensic investigations. Our professional engineers average over 25 years of direct engineering experience. This ensures the sound answers for clients throughout the project process.

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Quality Control Management

CTE has been providing Quality Control Management services for over 25 years. This includes Quality Control Managers, Quality Control Inspectors, MEP Inspectors and Submittal Review services. Staff includes certified Quality Control Manager, registered engineers and certified quality control inspectors. Quality Control Plans (QCP) and submittal review services our designed to support both contractors and owners in meeting quality control project requirements. Many of our quality control staff are US Army Corp. certified, have direct experience developing QCP's and administering the plans throughout construction.

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Materials Testing

Materials Testing is based on performing a test procedure consistently and accurately. From performing field materials testing to laboratory materials testing, staff maintain the highest credentials and engage in our in-house training programs. Our laboratories are AMRL R18 AASHTO accredited labs meeting ASTM C1077 requirements. In addition, our labs performs proficiency testing under CCRL and AMRL programs including soils, asphalt, concrete mix designs, steel materials, and various other construction materials.

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