CTE Cal was previously part of Construction Testing & Engineering, Inc. (CTE), which was founded in 1989 with two engineers and an engineering geologist. In 2014, the founding owner decided to make a local commitment to the Northern California division. As a result, the company is locally owned with decisions affecting our clients coming from our local offices. Changing to a locally owned company has resulted in a significant increase in staff and resources to support clients' projects in Northern California and Nevada. CTE Cal has three (3) regional offices in Northern California including the corporate office in Sacramento, and branch offices in Fremont and Modesto. The Sacramento office supports projects as far north as Oregon-California Border and as far east as Northern Nevada. The Fremont office supports projects throughout the Bay Area and the northern Central Valley. The Modesto office supports projects throughout the Central Valley and as far south as Fresno, California.

CTE Cal is a full service engineering consulting firm and is recognized for providing a fully integrated array of Environmental, Geotechnical, Geological, Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Engineering Construction Support, Construction Quality Assurance Inspection, Materials Testing, and Code Compliance services. CTE Cal's professional staff are results-driven with the technical expertise to assist clients from project inception through to completion. Throughout CTE Cal’s history, we have provided innovative solutions to address the complexities and challenges associated with bringing projects to fruition. Our firm combines industry recognized credentials with success-driven, experienced staff. Below are a brief list of credentials CTE Cal staff and facilities maintain to support client confidence in the services delivered in each of our divisions:

Engineering Services:

Laboratory Facilities: